Haruomi Hosono

Tribute to 'Harry' Hosono. Music from Happy End, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Apryl Fool and solo stuff. Just the tip of the iceberg...

Rizm - Astral Traveling

Spacey jazz mix to celebrate 2015 and more comet landings to come...


Over 2 hours of music from A$AP to King Crimson and back again...

Roy Ayers - Rhythm Series Mix

Roy Ayers mix by Fruitman as part of the Beck's Rhythm Series

A Month on Sundays - July 2014

Hotter than July! Back with some more summer madness for da ass...

A Month on Sundays - June 2014

June ends and the music begins, freshness of the bat!

A Month on Sundays - May 2014

Now over 1 year old - we're keeping things moving with another edition curated by Fruitman

Marcos Valle Tribute Mix

Our man in the South Jeremy Murphy has once again stepped up to the plate and produced a fine mix that covers Marcos' prolific career.

A Month on Sundays - April 2014

Kicking things of again with our 'A Month On Sundays' mix series for April, get the clicks in and enjoy!

Big Daddy Kane Live

Live show recording of the Dublin performance by one of our favourite MCs ever. We still argue amongst ourselves - Kane or Rakim?

Ahmad Jamal Sampler

A brief intro to jazz giant Ahmad Jamal

A Month On Sundays 2013

Choice selections from the past year of musical nuggets from our Month On Sundays series gift wrapped in this mix.

A Month on Sundays Vol 8 - November

Keeping the turntables moving Fruitman delivers Vol 8 of our monthly mix series - A Month On Sundays, rapping up tracks we post via Facebook

The Dirty Rotten Mix

Rizm celebrates the return of D.Original to Dublin with this mix of some of Jeru's under-the-radar tunes...

A Month on Sundays Vol 7 - October

How the time flies. Back again with some beats and pieces we have enjoyed for the month of October, cut and pasted by Fruitman

Back To The Boom Bap

Handsome Paddy, long time ChoiceCuts collaborator and friend, has just dropped his latest mixtape 'Back To The Boom Bap' and it's banging!

Mati Klarwein Exhibition Mix

Fruitman was our guest DJ @ the opening of the Mati Klarwein exhibition and he spun some rekkids on the night and it went like this...

All For The Love

The South's OG records man Stevie G drops this video teaser of his ATCQ documentary. Download mix here

A Month on Sundays Vol 6 - September

Keeping it moving for September with another batch of nuggets pulled and plucked by Fruitman....

The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants

Promotinal Dj mix for the Irish premiere of the Tropicalia documentary by Marcelo Machado....

A Month on Sundays Vol 4 - July

Back with A Month On Sunday for July, who rock da spot!

You Gots To Chill

"Here lies a mix of mostly 60's Soul Ballads. Music you might listen to at night with headphones on while you sip some whiskey..."

Lirg gib a si Ramyen

Our man from Cork Jrmy Mrphy delivers us this cracking mix of Brazilian rock and funk records derived from his travels and diggin sessions!

A Month of Sundays Vol 3 - June 2013

The June 2013 wrap up courtesy of Fruitman. We post lots of music to facebook each month, this is the monthly rundown!

Matthew Halsall ChoiceCuts Mix

Mancunian Maestro Matthew delivered us a guest mix on a Jazz tip of his favorite cuts, deep and spiritual, just the way we like it!

Cachaca Barato pt.2

This is the second of T-Woc’s Cachaca Barrata mixes and is mostly picked from finds on an digging outing to Rio. Enjoy...

Karl Hector & The Malcouns

This show is a recording from May 09 with one of the tightest collective of musicians we have had the fortune of playing for us...

Cachaça Barata Pt.3

Our good pal and long-time DJ compadre T-Woc has given us his third installment of his Brazilian rare gems mix 'Cachaça Barata'.

A Month On Sundays - May 2013

Back again with A Month on Sundays mix which sees our tracks of the day for the month of May all wrapped up into a tidy 60 minute mix...

Dutch Guts and Cups of Sweet Tea

The unstoppable Deviant has put this mix of Danny Brown bangers together for us as we prepare for our Danny Brown show in The Sugar Club

Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde Mix

Fruitman put this mix together to celebrate the coming of the Pharcyde to The Sugar Club in June. This is a slammer, download now!

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble FIRE (Colm K Edit)

Our man from Cork Colm K delivering a killer remix of HBE's "Fire"

Raekwon Mix

DJ Mayhem, one of our oldest pals, put together an hour of Rae's best work spanning pretty much his whole career as a promo mix pre show.

Spottie - Heritage EP Exclusive Download

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble are one of a kind. Graced with soul, funk, and spirituality these guys have captivated audiences worldwide! Free DL

MF Doom & Mayhem

Promotional mix by hip hop stalwart Dj Mayhem leading up to the Meal Faces first Irish performance with us...

Rakim vs DJ Mek

DJ Mek stepping up to the plate with a solid hour mix of our all-time, number one favorite emcee - the mighty Rakim Allah! Blessings...

The Humble Magnificent Mix

When Edan came to town Fruitman got on the case and produced this tidy mix of Edan's back cat for those that needed schoolin....